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Company BaterieCentrum, s.r.o. was established in 1996 and is based in Ostrava with a focus on battery distribution. Since 1999, it has begun to produce its own branded brands with verified partner companies in China, under the strict technical control of its Ningbo-based office and logistics center in Ostrava, which guarantees customers delivery in the shortest possible time. Thanks to dynamic prosperity, based on product quality and affordability, and the ever-growing growth of product diversity to a wide range of customers, the company ranks among the leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of batteries and light sources not only in the Czech Republic but today they are also distributed in Germany, France, Poland, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, and, of course, Slovakia is also the country where the company has its second headquarters.




The sales strategy of the company is mainly focused on wholesale and retail. Among the major retail chains with which it cooperates are Penny Market, COOP, Merkury Market, Kaufland, Baumax, UNI Hobby, etc. Collaboration with Battery Center, s.r.o. is a guarantee of good trade. In addition to importing and promoting its own brands, BC Baterries, BC LUX and BC Trixline, whose products are characterized by their reliability and simple processing with a distinctive design, the company also focuses on distributing affiliated companies such as GP, Philips, Varta, and Panasonic , Rayovac, Duracell, and Maxell.


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Active Assortment of Battery Center, s.r.o. is made up of over 700 items that have undergone a number of testing and measuring operations in authorized testing centers. In addition to a complete assortment of consumer batteries, the company specializes in products with energy-saving LED sources, especially bulbs, ceiling lights, built-in lights, both indoors and outdoors. Its production also focuses on energy saving and halogen bulbs, tubes, sensors, professional lamps, headlamps, lamps and other accessories, including children's products.

Baterie Centrum, s.r.o.
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