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In our store, we enable the possibility of purchasing through a simplified XML FEED system, which is a simple way through which you can connect your e-shop with our store. Thanks to this system, you can easily find detailed information about our products in electronic form.

After the correct installation of the Feed, you will see our products on your e-shop. You will thus have an overview of all our products and information related to them, such as stock availability of goods, detailed product description, price and photo. The advantage of the XML Feed is mainly its up-to-date data and product information, which are updated several times a day, so you always have an up-to-date overview of all our products that we offer on the e-shop. Thanks to this reliable system, you can deliver products to your customers with confidence.

XML Feed will save you a lot of time with the administration of your selected products. If you are interested in the XML FEED system, please register and after logging in, you will have a personal card where you will have FEEDY, in the XML FEEDY section.


We recommend that you slightly change the product labels and also that you offer goods for which the quantity in stock is higher than 2 pcs, so that the goods will not be sold out before the customer creates the order. We recommend updating the XML FEED system, at least once a day, if you have the option to install an automatic update, we recommend this option.


1/ A quick and simple way to find out stock availability, this method can be updated several times a day

2/A large number of items can be quickly loaded at once

3/The possibility of offering goods to the customer that are not easy to insert, it is not necessary to have them in stock

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