Complaints and returns

Liability for defects (claims), replacement and return of goods:

There may always be an error, either when completing the order or damaging the shipment during shipment. You may also have ordered other goods and want to replace them.

So how to proceed? Contact us at

In your email, please provide your name and surname, address, telephone number. If the order was made by another person, please write her name and surname. In the email, also state the reason (brief description) of the complaint and attach the photo. We will then contact you and we will discuss the next steps.

In the case of ordering unsatisfactory goods (parameters, color, etc.), this can be changed. Write to us at and we will talk about the exchange of goods. The condition of exchange of goods is the same or, higher value of newly requested goods.

We emphasize that in the event of mechanical damage to the delivered goods (apparently caused by transport), it is necessary to claim within 2 working days of the transport.


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Warranty period:


All merchandise (except for dry goods and goods with the stated shelf-life) sold in our online store are subject to a 24-month warranty period.


The warranty does not apply to the following cases:


- the goods were damaged by inappropriate or improper handling

- the goods were damaged by natural elements

- the goods were damaged by normal wear and tear

The warranty period begins with the customer taking over the goods. This period may be further extended by the period during which the goods were repaired. If the goods are exchanged, the warranty continues.


Liability for defects (claims and claims):


The seller is responsible to the buyer for the fact that the goods are not defective at the time of receipt, has characteristics that have been agreed by the parties, corresponds to the purpose of its use, quality, is in the appropriate quantity, degree or weight and meets the requirements of the legislation. If a defect occurs within six months of the takeover, the matter is deemed to have been defective at the time of the takeover.

The Customer is entitled to claim the right to a defect that occurs with consumer goods within 24 months of its receipt.

If the goods already delivered have a defect (s), the customer has the right to exchange defective goods or to remove the defect or a reasonable discount on the purchase price.

In the event that a defect occurs during the warranty period and the defective performance is:

the buyer is in a minor breach of contract, depending on the nature of the defect, the right to remove the defect (repair or delivery of the missing part) or a reasonable discount on the purchase price

a substantial breach of the contract, the buyer, depending on the nature of the defect, has the right to remove the defect by delivering a new item without defect or by delivering the missing item, or by removing the defect by repairing the item, or a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdrawing from the contract.

The Buyer shall inform the Seller of the right he has chosen in the event of a defect being notified or without undue delay after notification of the defect. The buyer can not change the choice without the seller's consent.

The right to defaults on the buyer does not apply if the buyer knew before the takeover that the goods had a defect or if the buyer caused the defect himself.

When picking up the shipment, the buyer is required to check the status of the shipment (number of packages, the integrity of the logo with the company logo, box damage, etc.) and refuse to accept the incomplete or damaged shipment. The buyer is obliged to inspect the delivered goods and inform the seller of the defects found without undue delay.

The seller or the employee authorized by him shall decide on the claim without undue delay within a maximum of three business days. This period does not include a reasonable time depending on the type of product or service needed to expertly assess the defect. Complaints, including the removal of a defect, must be settled without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of the claim, unless the seller agrees with the consumer for a longer period. At the end of this period, the consumer has the same rights as a defect that can not be eliminated (exchange of goods or money back).


Claim Procedure:


The buyer shall notify the eligible claim in writing in the following manner:

to the e-mail address of will send a detailed description of the complaint together with photographs of the damaged goods showing the defects complained of.

The buyer will be informed of the next complaint process within 3 business days at the latest.


Return of goods for no reason:


Buyer has the right to return the goods already dispatched or received by him / her within 14 calendar days of his / her takeover, without giving any reason, preferably intact and preferably in undamaged packaging at his / her own expense - he / she has the right to withdraw from the concluded purchase contract without giving reasons and without any penalty, but the costs of returning the goods are in this case on the buyer's side. In case the goods are used and partly worn, the seller will calculate the costs associated with bringing the goods back to their original condition and the damage to the goods and determine how much the returned price will be reduced.

All documents must be attached to the shipment, including the invoice (the invoice is sent electronically, if you can not print the invoice, enter the invoice number and the variable symbol in the cover letter), the contract must be proven otherwise. The customer delivers the returned goods to the address of the operator. The seller will refund to the buyer the purchase price already paid or part thereof (corresponding to the purchase price paid for the goods less the costs actually incurred or reduced by the amount corresponding to the wear and tear), including the cost of delivering the goods corresponding to the cheapest delivery method offered by the seller, account or otherwise by mutual agreement, at the latest within 14 days of the date of withdrawal. However, the purchase price can not be refunded before we receive returned goods (or proof of delivery). The costs actually incurred are determined by the sum of the costs of processing and ordering, shipping, packaging, transport.

According to § 1837, the goods in which the hygienic packaging has been violated can not be returned.


Goods replacement:


In case of unsatisfactory goods (parameters, color, etc.), it is possible to replace it as suitable or other goods with the value of the original value (this is not a claim or a return of the goods according to Section 1829 of the Civil Code). The condition of exchange of goods is the same or, higher value of newly requested goods and dispatch of original goods in undamaged and unused state in the original packaging. Write to us at and we will talk about the exchange of goods. The exchange of goods is completely free of charge.

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