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LED Solar lamp TR 500

LED Solar lamp TR 500

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LED light made for lighting of garden, sidewalk, house etc... Light can be used on soft or dry surface too. Lamp starts to lighting in early-evening.

Key attachements

Light case: LED diod
Number of diods: 6pcs
Material: Plastic
Lifetime: 10000 hours
Dimensions: 166x24x21 cm
Charging: Rechargable batteries



1. Solar lamp have been made for lighting in early-night. If it not placed on good illuminated place, LED can light so weak or dont light.
2. Before first use, batteries must be fully charged. Switcher need to be placed on OFF.
3. Place cover with solar cell under direct sunlight for minimal 36-48hrs.
4. When you got your batteries fully charged, turn switcher ON. Lamp will automatical turn on in early-evening, and recharge during the day.
5. If lamp will not light for longer time, it is because batteries are expired.
6. Open the case for batteries and change them by new one with same type and capacity.

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