Photovoltaic SET Amerisolar 450W, Thessaloniki 10kWh, Sermatec

22 AMERISOLAR panels, 1 SOLUNA 10kWh battery, 1 SERMATEC hybrid three-phase inverter... more
Description and parameters

Photovoltaic SET Amerisolar 450W, Thessaloniki 10kWh, Sermatec

The AmeriSolar 450W Photovoltaic Solar Panel (AS-6M144-HC 450W) is a top-of-the-line monocrystalline PERC, PID, MBB,
which uses the most efficient "half cell" technology. Monocrystalline panels are suitable for all installations,
where an excellent price/performance ratio is required. It offers high efficiency.

Product code for the New green savings program: SVT 31097

AmeriSolar 450 W is widely used in any energy application:
electricity production, battery charging, rooftop island photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic water heating, on-grid systems and large photovoltaic fields.

Specifications and technical data of the AmeriSolar 450 W photovoltaic panel:

· It has a dimension of 2095 X 1039 mm and a solid frame with a height of 35 mm.

· High efficiency 20.58%, peak power 450Wp, multi bus technology (MBB)

· High strength aluminum frame, frame thickness 35 mm

· Frame color: black

· Special mechanically resistant tempered glass 3.2 mm, anti-reflective surface

Waterproof accessories for connecting modules, with integrated "bypass"
diodes, MC 4 connectors

· High resistance to extreme weather conditions (high temperatures, low temperatures, frost, rain, wind) - static load: wind and snow from the front: k. 5400 Pa, (5.4 kN, i.e.j. approx. 540 kg/m2)

Manufacturer AmeriSolar provides superior warranties:
· 20 years per panel · 30 years for linear decline in rated power.



The Soluna HV Pack (10/15 K) is a pre-assembled high voltage battery storage system designed specifically for hybrid homes and small businesses.
Pairing with compatible 1f and 3f high voltage hybrid inverter for flexible system design,
daily storage and independent power failure protection for all three loads.
Suitable for households of all sizes.

10-year warranty / Compact and easy to install / Expandable up to 60kWh / 6000 cycles / LiFePO4 cell chemistry




Hybrid three-phase Inverter



High efficiency (up to 97.6%) Rating (W): 5000W
Wide PV voltage range for higher PV yields
Faster/charging and discharging


Supports full imbalance between dual MPPTs
Multiple adjustable and customizable work modes
Supports the configuration of parallel inverters


Precise heat regulation guarantees a longer service life
Comprehensive hardware and software protection
Light and compact. Strong impact resistance


Touchless control via APP
Free remote monitoring, configuration and updates
Built-in Wifi, optional GPRS


Wide range of PV voltage 180 - 800 VDC, more energy from PV production
- Higher PV voltage, suitable for the latest types of PV modules (bi-face / half-cell)
- Adjustable to multiple working modes (including zero export)
- 100% three-phase asymmetry in both on-grid and off-grid
- Low own consumption
- High strength aluminum alloy body, higher impact resistance
- Balanced heat regulation guarantees a longer service life of internal components
- Comprehensive hardware and software protection features
- Quick and easy remote update and configuration
- Compact size and light weight


• 100% asymmetry in on-grid / off-grid / • Wide battery voltage range 180-800 VDC / • Degree of protection IP65 suitable for all environments such as high
altitude, high and low ambient temperatures. / • Full output power in a backup state - UPS / • Thanks to the flexible configuration, it is possible to choose PV,
charging mode from PV or from the network, AC coupling / • Connection for high-voltage lithium batteries / • WiFi and GPRS monitoring, 3-phase Smart meter & CT part of the package
• Supports the parallel operation of multiple units (up to 4 units) / • Thanks to the (EMS) Energy Management System function, it supports Peak Shaving, Valley Filling and other functions for network services and community energy
• Long-term continuous and reliable operation, designed for a lifetime of up to 25 years / • Standard warranty of 5 years with the possibility of extension to 10 years


The photovoltaic set is without mounting elements (cabling, connectors, couplings).

The seller is not responsible for improper installation!The connection of the power plant needs to be left to an electrician and then checked by an inspection technician.

Oversized transport The price is determined individually

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Photovoltaic SET Amerisolar 450W, Thessaloniki 10kWh, Sermatec

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