LED solar light TRIXLINE TR - 374S

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LED solar light TRIXLINE TR - 374S

The decorative LED lighting is powered by a built-in solar panel on the lid of the jar. The lid is equipped with a rubber seal and an on/off button. The crystal body of the container is made of highly resistant, high-quality processed mosaic glass with a weight of 600g. Ideal for the garden, terrace, balcony, table, rock garden, etc.

Light source: LED
LED: 12 LEDs/ blazing fire effect
Light color: warm white
Material: crystal glass
Dimensions: ø9.5x10cm
Solar panel: 4x4cm
Rechargeable battery: 1x 1.2V AAA 300mAh Ni-MH
Function: ON/OFF

The price shown is for 1 pc

Packaging: 1/12

1. The solar light is designed to shine after dark. If it is not properly placed in a sufficiently sunny place, the LED light may be very weak or not at all after dark.
2. The battery must be fully charged before first use. Place the power switch in the ON position.
3. Cover with solar cell, place in direct sunlight for a minimum of 36-48 hours.
4. After charging the batteries, place the power switch in the ON position. The lamp will automatically turn on at dusk and will be charged during the day.
5. If the lamp stops lighting after a long period of use, it is mostly due to the expiry of the life of the rechargeable batteries.
6. Open the battery compartment and replace them with new ones of the same type and capacity.

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LED solar light TRIXLINE TR - 374S

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