LED hand torch TR-048L 2in1 Trixline

Power supply: 1xAA (battery not included)... more
Description and parameters

LED hand torch TR-048L 2in1 Trixline

A switch located on the body of the lamp is used to switch on and select lighting modes.

Light source: 0.5W LED
Luminous flux: 60lm
Power supply: 1xAA (battery not included)
Lamp dimensions: ø48x10.3cm
Flashlight weight: 35g (without battery)
Material: ABS (plastic)
Lighting modes: front light - side light

Packaging: 1/12/144

Package size 1pc (WxHxD): 100x170x55mm
Package weight 1pc: 51g

EAN inner carton 12 pcs: 8595159876894
Inner carton weight G.W.: 1250g
Weight master carton N.W.: 1100g
Dimensions (WxHxD): 270x165x185mm

EAN of carton 144 pcs: 8595159876900
Weight G.W. carton: 9.8kg (9800g)
Weight N.W. carton: 8.0kg (8000g)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 590x355x560mm

It's not a toy! The light source of the lamp is not replaceable. Neither the supplier nor the seller is responsible for defects and damage caused by improper use.

LED hand torch TR-048L 2in1 Trixline

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