Rear bicycle light MS B201

MS B201 - Light professional cycling light with a luminous flux of 180lm. High-quality rear light suitable for road bikes.... more
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Rear bicycle light MS B201

MS B201 - Light professional cycling light 


Safely there and back -Profi LED flashlight excels especially in its low weight. This 32g flashlight guarantees sufficient lighting, great endurance and at the same time does not affect the weight of your bike. The 180lm warning light protects you on busy roads without lighting.

No one will miss you - You can choose between two modes with different intensities and a flash mode with slow flashing. To save energy and at the same time high luminosity, we recommend choosing the lowest brightness.

Large capacity battery - The flashlight is powered by a 400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery with a long life. Battery life at full charge depends on the selected mode, during active use it provides up to (4) hours of lighting. You can easily charge the internal battery using the included micro-USB connector.

Easy handling - Adjustable holder ensures easy installation without the use of tools, rubberized construction secures the flashlight on the handlebars.

Weight that does not weigh - The construction is made of plastic material, which is advantageous mainly due to its lightness. You will appreciate the low weight of the product if you count every gram on your bike.


Luminous flux: 180lm
Power: 2W
Light source: COB
Battery: Li-ion 450mAh
Function: Red 100% -Red 50% -Red slow flashing, red off
Size: 72x21x22 mm
Weight: 32g
Accessories: USB cable
Color: red, black
Material: ABS, rubber


Rear bicycle light MS B201

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